Differences and Similarities of Tadacip and Tadalis

tadalafil 20 mg formsFor men who experience certain erectile issues, it’s important to find the most effective medication that will help them. Nowadays, there are many meds to choose from, including Tadalis and Tadacip. How to decide which one is better?

Basic Facts about Tadalis

It’s a popular and potent medicine taken by men to improve their erections. Tadalafil is its active ingredient, and it works by improving the blood flow into penile tissues and muscles. This generic version belongs to a group of drugs called PDE-5 inhibitors. Its use can help you achieve and maintain a stronger and longer lasting erection.

The best part is that Tadalis remains active for up to 36 hours, and that is what makes it a perfect weekend pill. Another great thing is that it starts functioning within several minutes after its intake, which is quite fast. Don’t forget that the FDA approved this medication as safe and powerful for older patients.

The standard dose of Tadalis is 20 mg of tadalafil, and it can be both reduced and increased based on your individual response. Besides, it’s not advisable to take it with different alcoholic beverages and grapefruit juice because its effectiveness will be decreased. Male patients need to swallow one tablet of Tadalis without breaking or chewing it.

What You Should Know about Tadacip

First, it’s a brand version of tadalafil, and this means that it’s more expensive compared to Tadalis. This is what makes the latter one more accessible to patients with low budget. Tadacip also comes in the fom of pills that contain 20 mg of tadalafil, and it’s the best dosage for most men. Taking more than 1 pill a day is a very bad idea because you risk ending up with overdosing and serious side effects.

Keep in mind that Tadacip is quite a new medication in this market, but it’s becoming more and more popular because of its power. This medicine is still less expensive than other brand analogs, and it comes are pills coated with orange shells.

As a patient, you need to swallow one tablet with water, and it will be absorbed within maximum 15 minutes. The greatest benefit is that its action will last up to 36 hours. In conclusion, it’s only up to you which one to choose because both drugs are quite beneficial.